5 good reasons to love us ...

5 Bonnes Raisons de nous aimer...

5 good reasons to love Hic & amp; Nunkk


Hic & amp; Nunk presentsBasic Atypical Hair, a range of essential products specially developed for the specific needs of dry, curly, frizzy and frizzy hair.


So yes, Hic & amp; Nunk is a young brand, so you don't know it yet, but that's why you have to adopt it very quickly in your bathrooms..


  1. The Products are NATURAL


The products have all been made from plant materials: vegetable oils and butters whose effectiveness on dry, curly, frizzy and frizzy hair has been proven..


We mainly find:

  • Castor, grape seed, buriti, Brazil nut, baobab, babassu, sapote oils.
  • Coconut, shea, murumuru, mango and cocoa butters.


The fragrances are also of plant origin: they were made with the essential oils of orange, bergamot, peppermint and rosemary.n.



  1. French made


The products were created by a French woman of African origin, me, Hermellia, accompanied by a French formulator, specialized in hair care. Then we worked with French suppliers and laboratories only. So yes our raw materials come from all over the world, but our products have come to life in France and meet the requirements of French quality, control and safety standards. Rather reassuring isn't it! pas?!


  1. The Range is SHORT


The range was created to offer the basic products necessary to take care of our unique and greedy hair. As our hair mainly needs to be hydrated and nourished, we have placed the emphasis on quality products, while offering a simple and effective routine which therefore calls for the 4 products we offer.s.


  1. SIMPLE AND CHIC brand


Finally, quality products that give our curls all the elegance they deserve: creamy texture, fresh and delicate fragrance, cases and packaging with a chic and original design with the softness of pastel colors. We left nothing to chance. You will see, they will look great in your bathroom!n !


  1. Here and now


Hic & amp; Nunk unpronounceable name you will tell me This is a Latin expression originally hic et nunc, which means Here and Now. Ok But why for a Hermellia cosmetics brand Yes, I'm talking to myself à moi-même)

Here and Now, represents the present moment, the only time in which we can act, and for me, this moment when I decided to act to offer the best to this part which, for me and many others, remains as atypical in its beauty as his needs or his desires: my curls.   



In short, Hic & amp; Nunk brings you a simple and effective solution, through a short and chic range with high quality products, drawn from the forces of nature.


In the end, the real risk you take in trying Hic & amp; Nunk products is that of having beautiful, healthy hair! Are you ready to dare ???



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