What routine to adopt for dry hair in summer?

Quelle routine adopter pour les cheveux secs l'été?

How to properly use hair oils during the summer?


Throughout the year and the seasons, climatic variations cause the nature of our hair to change and evolve. And if our hair changes, to maintain it well and always provide it with what it needs when it needs it, we owe it to ourselves to change the use we make of our products as well! So if this summer you have the chance to go under the sun, here is a little focus on Soothing Oils, which will allow you to take good care of your hair, even on vacation! !


A key word: hydration!!


You have decided to spend your holidays under the exact sun You have therefore planned, we hope, sun protection for the skin of your body, and a nice pair of sunglasses for your eyes And for your hair The heat, the sun, wind, sea or swimming pool water ... All these factors will make your hair thirsty Very thirsty! It will therefore be necessary to make sure to hydrate them well! And that's good: Soothing Oils are ideal for sealing in moisture, that is to say, preventing your hair from losing all of its water. The Oils will therefore keep the hair supple and silky, but they will also protect it against the aggressive rays of the sun!ifs du soleil !


Summer routine: bring your Hair oils on vacation!


Holidays are the perfect time to take care of yourself because we finally have it! time ! So take the opportunity to sit down and take care of your hair quietly Why not take the time to apply a Soothing Oil mask on your hair If your hair is dull and dry, this is the best way to restore it to good looks! For best results, dampen your hair then soak it in Oils. Then cover them with cellophane or a shower cap and let sit as long as possible. Once your hair is well impregnated, rinse it and proceed to a gentle shampoo with our Purifying Shampoo, for example. exemple).


Another way to use Soothing Oils is to use it to nourish your hair during the week. Two to three times a week, alternating with a moisturizer such as Moisturizing Milk preferably, apply in small doses to slightly damp hair. The hair will be nourished, shiny and silky, without greasy effect.as.


Pool, beach, sun Be vigilant!


The hair fiber does not retain water, too much water tends to damage the hair And yes! And it is worse during the summer when, under the effect of the heat, the water evaporates and dries and weakens the hair fiber even more In short, a vacation, yes, but not necessarily for your hair Fortunately, Soothing Oils can also help to limit the breaks out of the bath! As soon as you get out of the water, gently wring out your hair, and distribute a reasonable amount of oil on damp hair. The Oils will then form a protective film which will prevent the water from suddenly evaporating and keeping the hair supple and soft. Once you get home, all you have to do is shampoo your hair gently and then apply moisturizer to your hair. We strongly recommend the Moisturizing Milk which, associated with Soothing Oils, works miracles. It provides the necessary water to fight against increased dryness due to hot temperatures.udes températures.


SOS, SOS! Distressed hair!


You neglected your hair while you were enjoying the beach and you are biting your fingers now that you are back at home Your hair is dry, damaged because you have forgotten it a little No worry, we have the solution! Here is the special summer emergency routine:vale” :


  • Step 1: Nourishing Balm: good for all types of curls, apply it as a mask on damp hair before your shampoo and grd it for as long as possible, under cellophane.
  • Step 2: The Purifying Shampoo: you wash it off on vacation with you You did well! After the beach or the pool, it is perfect for gently cleaning and removing all impurities, while leaving the protective film of castor, sapote and buriti oils, which will help maintain the nourishing and fortifying effects of the stage mask. 1. 1.
  • Step 3: We hydrate and we nourish! Here, you can alternate between Moisturizing Milk, Balm or Oils depending on the needs of your curls and the porosity of your hair. For a fine and fragile curl, favor Oils because they are lighter; and for a very tight and thicker curl, prefer the Baume.e.


And There you go ! You have all the keys to taking care of your hair on a daily basis during your vacation in the sun!

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