Our points of sale


Since November 2018, you can find us at Spring of beauty, in Paris, boulevard Haussman!

A must for your visit to Paris.

In addition, the sales staff have been trained by the founder of the brand herself, so that they can give you the advice best suited to your hair type.



Since January 2018, we have crossed the Channel, to join the formidable adventure of Antidote Street, which shares its love of the loop and the quality of the care needed, all over the UK!

You can therefore order your products on their website and during their many events around London.




If you are looking for quality care, then visit this site where the care of both hair and skin is in the spotlight, in a natural and healthy way.

A good moment of cocooning, here.




Dry hair and curls also appealed to us for help ... from Spain!

So if you are in or around Madrid, go toCurly Market to stock up on Hic & amp; Nunk treats for your hair!




Mahine Hairstylist, it's a love story that has lasted since 2017 ...

With her fairy fingers and wise advice, Mahine is the hairdresser you need when you are in Lausanne, Switzerland, to pamper your curly, frizzy or frizzy hair ... With the help of our care, on sale directly in his living room.